For Businesses that move!

Our services include:

  • A national operating system for running dance businesses!
  • Operational & Business Support for Dance Owners
  • Modern Dance, Contemporary, & Alignment Certification
  • Flexibility Training
  • Professional Network Resource for professionals and students


For Corporations on the move!

Our services include:

  • Performance and Messaging
  • Leadership Consultation
  • Public Events for Corporate Executives
  • Family Development & Adolescent Communication
  • De-Esculation Training
  • Race, Women, & Diversity
  • No Worry Delivery

The New York Institute of Dance & Education Inc. (NYIDE) is a 21st century innovative corporation who harnesses the communication elements of dance, performance, direction and theater to create an operating system for dance businesses, refine alignment structures for the movement industry, and embrace entrepreneurship in significant applications for corporate America.

In addition to disseminating traditional artistic information in new ways, the Institute has built a respected track-record in Management and Leadership Consultation, Public Communication Training for Corporate Executives, Messaging Design for Marketing and Promotions, Family Development Services, Adolescent Intervention Programming, Conflict Resolution, and celebrated Race & Diversity Training.

With NYIDE the power of performance has taken a new step.