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McLeod Technique (MT) is Sean McLeod’s codified dance technique based in emotional development and blends Classical Ballet, the modern foundations of Limón, Graham and Horton, Martial Arts principles, African Dance, Latin influences and Urban Social Dance. The step-by-step, easy to learn technique, created at the New York Institute of Dance Education, was developed to train dancers by engaging their emotions to facilitate honest movement and encourage good mental health. McLeod Technique has a vast movement range, an emotional vocabulary, and a process that inspires dancers to be happy people!

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For over two decades, Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting has used the power of performance, personality development and creative skills to address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, designing world‐class events, managing executives and their people, and engaging CEO’s in off book turn key strategies for gaining the diverse and creative resources found in a companies frontline employees. Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting employs it’s Product Resources, Strategic Entertainment and Corporate Relationships, Executive Advising Models, Communication and WordSmith Tools, Innovative Conference and Summit Design, and Global Interaction Strategies to design and launch Events, Initiatives, and Summits while providing Leaders with followup guidance, product evolution, and long term support.